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Gilda Garza Launches New Exhibition in Las Vegas on May 5th

Gilda Garza Launches New Exhibition in Las Vegas on May 5th

Las Vegas, NV — Mexican born artist, Gilda Garza, is set to hold her new exhibition MEXICO ES GRANDE in Las Vegas starting on May 5th at the David Kairy Gallery located at Crystals shopping mall, the show will be up for the month of May.

In celebration of the show, Gilda will have an Opening event at the world famous Hakkasan, in collaboration with Playboy. The event will be held during Cinco de Mayo, one of the most visited and most vibrant weekends in the city.

Gilda Garza has already sold out exhibitions in Miami during Art Basel and gained international acclaim with successful collaborations with Playboy, Mexico. Gilda’s TRUE LOVE exhibition held on a mega yacht during Miami Art Basel, attracted an incredible crowd of art buyers, fellow artists, press and Celebrities, including world famous artist Domingo Zapata, Lisa and Brittny Gastineau, Lady Victoria Hervey, Supermodel Shaun Ross and Claudine De Niro.

Gilda is an extremely passionate painter whose work exudes the heart and soul that she puts into each piece. Constantly striving to find new ways that can test her technique and abilities to produce her masterpieces, she acquires her inspiration from occurrences in her life; bringing beauty combined with thought to life on her canvases.

Gildas’ more recent collection is inspired by strong, elegant women that have managed to survive hardships. Her female subjects are not only beautiful, but they are intelligent women who have often overcome obstacles and proven their inner strength as she has done, making this a truly beautiful and inspirational collection of art.


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